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How does the Thrive Poster work?

“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right” ~ Henry Ford

Thoughts become things! We have 60,000 thoughts each day. Most of them we do not choose and are not even aware of. Using this poster on a daily basis will show children that they are empowered to create the results they want in their lives by simply starting their day in gratitude, setting an intention, embracing thoughts that create the results they want, letting go of thoughts that do not lead to the results they want, and being supported with their I AM statement to affirm throughout the day.


The best way to set the path for a positive day is in gratitude. Gratitude increases energy reduces anxiety, improves sleep, and creates feelings of social connection. Have your child choose something they are grateful for in their personal life, their school life, and most importantly about themselves. To love and appreciate others we must learn to truly love and appreciate ourselves.
I.E I am Grateful for: my friends, my teacher, my smile


Life is to be lived with intention, not by default. Have your child set one intention for the day. What is one thing they are going to focus on making happen. This sets the habit of looking for thoughts that attract what they desire. This shows them the result of living consciously. It gives them a sense of purpose.
I.E I intend to make a new friend today


Have your child list a thought or feeling that raises their energy. What can they embrace for the day that will lead to the result of the intention they set?
I.E I embrace being nice to others


This is based on letting go of things that bother them…which in turn strengthens their body and soul.
How heavy is an 8oz glass of water? It depends on how long you hold it…The longer you hold on to it, the heavier it gets…

This is also about forgiveness which, when practiced, leads to profound health benefits such as reduced pain, higher athletic performance, better heart health, and greater feelings of happiness.

Have your child let go of something that happened, or some unwanted feeling, something that doesn’t lead to feeling good and creating the results they want in their life.
I.E I let go of judging others


I AM is very powerful and whatever one chooses to state after “I AM” is brought to them. Have your child come up with an I AM statement of who they are at their core and who they choose to be. They can repeat this throughout the day to remind them of how amazing they are and that they are the only ones who get to decide that. This is their inner knowing of universal love and support.
I.E I AM an amazing friend

All of these take less than just a few minutes…yet create an exponential effect when used together every day. It’s so simple to create a lifelong impact. Support your children in being aware of and shaping their thoughts, in being empowered to create the life they want.

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